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Grootberg Lodge

Grootberg Lodge stands sentinel on the rim of the Etendeka Plateau, with breath-taking views and where you can hope to see a variety of wildlife and explore an area rich with geology. 12,000 hectares have been set aside by the ≠Khoadi//Hoas Conservancy for conservation and tourism, and it is within this unspoiled wilderness that you can venture, either on foot or by car, to encounter the residents of this secluded region.

 A three-and-a-half-hour drive from Etosha National Park, the lodge is the perfect stopover for guests travelling to or from Swakopmund. This route will take traverses the less frequented gravel roads, allowing visitors to experience the raw and pristine wilderness that is Damaraland. From Grootberg it is a further six hours to Swakopmund, with the majority of the trip being along the coastline. 

The chalets have been designed to blend into their surroundings, featuring walls adorned with the ancient lava rocks native to the area and thatched roofs. Each has a small deck that offers a space to sit and absorb the views across the valley. The interiors are furnished with comfortable linens, and feature amenities such as bedside tables and lamps, hanging space for clothes, a writing desk, a safe for valuables and a coffee and tea station. A bathroom with complimentary toiletries has everything you require.

The main lodge provides a range of conveniences and facilities, including a bar, lounge, restaurant, swimming pool, and decks that showcase the breath-taking views. In summer guests can dip in the pool on the edge of the plateau, and in winter crackling fires ward off the cold. 

As one of our main focus points is lightening our footprint across this amazing country, the lodge is solar-powered, and water conservation is important.

Please note that flying a drone in this area is strictly prohibited.


Grootberg Lodge is the flagship of the Journeys Namibia portfolio, the first middle-market establishment to be wholly owned by a conservancy and hosted by members of the rural community.
Situated on the edge of the Etendeka Plateau, the views across the Klip River Valley will awe you as you enjoy drinks on the decks or take a dip in the pool.

For the initial development, the project of Grootberg Lodge was financed by the European Union through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism's Development Programme. Simultaneously, the private sector was engaged to offer training and management expertise, with the aim of enabling the local community to achieve self-sufficiency.

Journeys Namibia was offered the management of the lodge and training of its staff, with the involvement in this innovative project being an honour. Our aim at Journeys is to further conservation and the betterment of the local communities in all lodges within our portfolio. We train our staff locally and offer specialised services for international guests in a home-away-from-home atmosphere.
Ongoing projects within the area work hard to mitigate the fallout from the human wildlife conflict by allocating dedicated funds, and actively monitoring wildlife in a collaboration between the Grootberg Lodge guides, Save the Rhino Trust, and the community shepherds. Additionally, the lodge supports various projects initiated by the conservancy, such as sourcing vegetables from local farmers, contributing to an education fund, and implementing garbage collection initiatives to minimise pollution in the area.

Actively involved in numerous conservation efforts, the lodge and conservancy are proud to have black rhino and desert-adapted elephants roam freely in the area. The ≠Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy is also the subject of an international case study of how sustainable conservation efforts can be successful over a longer period.

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At Grootberg Lodge, eco-tourism takes centre stage, and the local community is dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences for guests. Immerse yourself in nature and have incredible encounters with the magnificent wildlife that inhabits this remarkable biosphere. Through diligent conservation efforts, the desert elephants, rhinos, and even lions, continue to roam freely in this stunning environment.


Embark on exhilarating hikes accompanied by experienced guides and trackers, as you set out in search of the elusive black rhino, one of the most endangered species on our planet. Capture stunning photographs during morning and evening scenic drives across the plateau, aborbing the vibrant plant and animal life that thrives in this unique ecosystem. 

While exploring the plateau, you will encounter a diverse array of wildlife, including springbok, zebra, kudu, and gemsbok. Keep an eye out for the agile klipspringer gracefully leaping from ledge to ledge along the steep cliffs. A visit to the welcoming #Khoadi//Hoas community is a highlight for many guests, providing an opportunity to learn about their rich culture and traditions as they warmly embrace you into their midst. 

Grootberg is truly a paradise for nature enthusiasts, and with so many activities to enjoy, you may find yourself tempted to extend your stay.


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