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Guests will be guided through surrounding conservancy farms visiting a couple of authentic homesteads of the Damara people which allows them with the exclusive opportunity to spend time with their hosts understanding their origins, cultures, traditions and their approach to human wildlife conflict farming within the harsh desert conditions.
The tour includes a visit to the #Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy office to meet their staff and then on to the Erwee Primary School. This provides the guest with the unique experience of understanding and gaining insight into the positive impacts and benefits that the Conservancy enjoys directly as a result of its ownership of the Grootberg Lodge. The tour concludes with a cultural performance by the Erwee school pupils, followed by a lunch under the trees in a remote spot in the wilderness of Damaraland.

Departure time from the lodge: Departure 07h00 | Return around 13:00 | Minimum 2 guests per excursion - Max 9 per vehicle. | Children under 12 are discounted at 50% of adult rate. Only available from Monday - Friday.

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