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Community-based tourism & environmental sustainability

Community-based tourism (CBT) and environmental sustainability are integral aspects of Namibia's tourism industry. Namibia has embraced a unique approach to conservation and tourism that involves local communities in the management and benefits of natural resources.

Journeys Namibia takes pride in its commitment to community-based tourism and environmental sustainability. We have pioneered in this area by establishing the first lodge (Grootberg) that is wholly owned by a Namibian conservancy, and we continue to maintain a strong working relationship with the local community to this day. We understand the importance of comprehending the cultural and economic needs of the communities, while also respecting and honouring the sensitivity of the environments in which we operate.

Our lodges are not only valuable to the community but also environmentally sustainable and this is reflected in our conservation efforts. We strive to strike a balance between the well-being of the local communities, the preservation of the natural environment, and the satisfaction of our guests. We are dedicated to providing meaningful and authentic experiences that benefit everyone involved, ensuring a harmonious and sustainable approach to tourism in Namibia.

Across the board, Namibia's commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in its conservation efforts. The country has established a network of protected areas, including national parks, game reserves, and conservancies, which are managed in collaboration with local communities. These conservation areas not only safeguard biodiversity but also offer sustainable tourism opportunities, such as wildlife viewing, nature walks, and cultural experiences.

Through community-based tourism and environmental sustainability, Namibia aims to create a win-win situation where local communities benefit economically from tourism while safeguarding the country's natural and cultural heritage for future generations. This approach has garnered international recognition and made Namibia a model for sustainable tourism development in Africa.

Lodge development & expansion

Members of the Journeys Namibia team possess extensive experience in the development and construction of lodges and their infrastructure, even in challenging terrains. Their project skills encompass various areas such as community liaison, site location, collaboration with architects, establishing access roads, managing construction logistics, and overseeing building operations. This expertise ensures the successful execution of lodge projects in diverse environments.

Financial administration, planning & deal structuring

Journeys Namibia understands the significance of efficient financial administration in running a lodge. Their comprehensive financial administration services, including billing, payment and payroll administration, VAT and taxation management, alleviate the time-consuming tasks for lodge teams.

Additionally, their expertise in financial planning and deal structuring proves invaluable during lodge establishment, especially when considering factors such as community participation and BB-BEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment). Journeys Namibia's dedicated support ensures a smooth and streamlined financial operation for lodges.


On the establishment of a lodge within our care, the difference between average and excellent depend wholly on your staff. Training is crucial to ensure that operational standards remain of the highest level, not only in service delivery to our guests, but in every aspect of the operational functioning of our lodges. Unfortunately, in the remote areas of our country there is often a lack of quality schooling available, which negatively impacts growth and opportunities for members of the communities. We are proud to be a part of assisting people to better themselves and their lives as a whole.

Our training continues on a regular basis as we further our attempts to keep staff motivated and engaged in their work, as well as gaining more knowledge that they can use throughout their life. Journeys Namibia provides a complete spectrum of training services, which include housekeeping, guiding, maintenance, administration, and all aspects of guest services.

We are also involved in community projects that include setting up funds for the future schooling of the younger generation, doing our best to give more back to our local communities.

Reservations management

Journeys Namibia offers comprehensive assistance in managing and handling bookings, utilizing trusted systems and efficient technology. With their support, lodge owners, management, and staff can stay informed and up to date with accurate and timely reporting throughout the reservation process. Our systems enable more effective handling of block bookings, room release, and cancellations, ensuring smoother operations and improved efficiency.

Marketing & communication

Lodge marketing plays a critical role in the success of any lodge, although its complexity and significance are often underestimated. It involves more than just communication and promotion, requiring a comprehensive understanding of various aspects involved.

A well-executed marketing campaign begins with defining goals, identifying the lodge's unique values, and understanding the target market. Once these foundations are established, effective communication with the target audience can take place.

Journeys Namibia offers a complete marketing service that encompasses brand strategy, market assessment, budgeting, and communication. They also facilitate key media relationships, ensuring effective promotion and exposure. Additionally, Journeys Namibia focuses on developing relationships with trade clients and actively participates in networking sessions and major shows, strengthening their presence in the industry.

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