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Community-based tourism & environmental sustainability

Key members of the Journeys Namibia team have pioneered the first lodge that was wholly owned by a Namibian conservancy and has maintained a strong working relationship to this day.

Journeys understand the combination of comprehending cultural and economic needs of local communities, while respecting and honouring sensitive environments. Our lodges are therefore valuable to the community and are environmentally sustainable. We operate in a non-interfering manner, allowing lodge owners and communities the space to grow. We remain at the ready should our services be required.

“We know you need space to breathe and be yourself. We will be ready when you need us.”

Lodge development & expansion

Members of Journeys Namibia have proven experience in development and construction of lodges and lodge infrastructure in difficult terrain. Project skills include:

Community liaison

Site location

Liaison with architects

Developing access roads

Construction logistics

Building management

Financial administration, planning & deal structuring

Financial administration is another aspect of running a lodge that can be extremely time consuming. Journeys Namibia’s financial administration services can free up time with billing services, payment and payroll administration, VAT and general taxation. Financial planning and deal structuring are invaluable when establishing lodges, particularly when aspects such as community participation and BB-BEE come into play. Journeys Namibia ensures that everything runs smoothly.


Once a lodge has been set up, the difference between average and excellent depends on your staff. Training is crucial to ensure that standards remain of the highest level, not only in guest service, but in every aspect of lodge operations.

Periodic refreshers and retraining will help to keep staff motivated and prevent apathy from setting in. Journeys Namibia provides a complete spectrum of training, including housekeeping, guiding, maintenance, administration and the all important aspects of guest services.

Reservations management

Journeys Namibia can help you manage and handle bookings through trusted systems and efficient technology. We offer accurate and timely reporting to keep lodge owners, management and staff up to date at all times during the reservation process. Through our systems we can help you handle block bookings, room release and cancellations in a more effective manner.

Marketing & communication

Lodge marketing is a crucial yet rarely understood aspect of running a successful lodge. It is a time-consuming exercise that is often mistaken for communication or promotion without considering all aspects involved.

A successful marketing campaign helps to determine your goals, value proposition and target market. Once these are established, can you communicate with your market. Journeys Namibia offers a complete marketing service which includes brand strategy, market assessment, budgeting and communication, including liaison with key media. In addition, Journeys Namibia develops key trade clients and continuously attends important networking sessions and major shows.

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