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A country of remarkable landscapes and natural wonders, Namibia boasts a vast land mass spanning 824,292 square kilometres. It is home to the magnificent Namib Desert in the west, one of the oldest in the world, with towering dunes and surreal landscapes. The diverse coastal region has stunning scenery where the desert meets the ocean, including the famous Skeleton Coast with its haunting shipwrecks and bountiful wildlife. This is a direct contrast to the north of the country, which is lush, green, and filled with flowing rivers. In the far south, the Namib meets the Kalahari, a merging of two ancient deserts, and in the east, plains, and farmland. Mountains and sharp outcroppings of rock dot the country, a dramatic backdrop.

Namibia is well known for being one of the least populated countries in the world. With an estimated three people per square kilometre, the vastness of Namibia's landscape offers ample space and distances to explore and appreciate. The diverse landscapes offer a wealth of opportunity for exploration and adventure, whether you are looking for the solitude of the desert, the thrill of wildlife encounters, or the cultural richness of its people. We at Journeys Namibia invite you to wander this diverse and fascinating country with us.

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Things to do in Namibia

Explore our wide range of exciting activities to accommodate your every requirement and discover the perfect destinations in Namibia where you can take part in these experiences. From thrilling wildlife safaris to sandboarding in the Namib Desert, or from cultural encounters to scenic hikes, we have something for everyone. Let us guide you to the best locations in Namibia to indulge in your preferred activities and create unforgettable memories.

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