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Sun, 11 Feb 2024


Canyon Nature Trust, Journey’s Namibia and the Large Cat Conservation Trust are collaborating closely to enhance their understanding and knowledge of the area, and provide crucial wildlife information to relevant bodies where possible in an effort to further conservation efforts.
One noteworthy initiative, launched in May 2023, involved the installation of 45 live cameras across a 300-square-kilometre expanse surrounding Fish River Lodge. These cameras were strategically positioned to gather data on animal movements within this large area. Specially trained students undertook the task of collecting data from these camera "traps" every 20 days, whereafter the collected data was then processed to extract metadata encompassing all identified species.
This data holds the potential for revealing the spatiotemporal behaviour of various species, although such insights will require further time for proper analysis. Remarkably, a grand total of 56,219 images of diverse wild animal species were meticulously recorded and identified. Among these were representatives from 25 mammal species, encompassing even the most elusive inhabitants like cheetahs, leopards, caracals, brown hyenas, and aardwolves, among others.
As the project advances, there is optimism that by the conclusion of summer in 2024, the amassed data will reach a point of sufficiency to estimate the population of these enigmatic species that have chosen this habitat as their residence. Such information stands to serve as a cornerstone in formulating precise conservation strategies, ultimately benefiting these creatures.

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