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Fish River Lodge

The lodge offers extraordinary views from every vantage point, extending from the main building to the nineteen chalets perched along the rim of the canyon. The chalets have sufficient distance between each to ensure that guests have privacy and solitude.

The interior of these cool havens have dry-packed stone walls, wide windows to frame the view, premium décor and a fan to cool down under. Spacious in- and outdoor showers and complimentary toiletries complete the experience of luxury and comfort. Ample shelving and hanging space gives an added level of comfort to unpack in, and there is a safe to store any valuables.

Private patios and decks invite guests to enjoy the views, practise yoga and meditation, or relax with a drink. The rooftop windows offer mesmerising views of the starry night sky as you drift off to sleep, and you can also enjoy a night under the stars on request.


The only lodge directly on the rim of the renowned Fish River Canyon, a must-see attraction in Namibia, Fish River Lodge provides awe-inspiring vistas that span from sunrise to sunset. With its strategic location, guests can marvel at the breath-taking views of the canyon directly from the lodge.

The main lodge provides a blend of unique decor, exceptional service, and a comfortable ambiance in the lounge, bar, and restaurant area. Guests can also enjoy the wrap-around decks and a pool, creating a perfect setting for relaxation. Meals are served three times a day, with the added pleasure of afternoon tea and homemade cake.

The surrounding landscape on the western side of the canyon is vast, empty, and ancient. This makes it an ideal setting for those seeking solitude and thrilling adventures alike. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the canyon through exhilarating activities such as hiking, guided safaris, or mountain biking. Experiencing a trip into this geological marvel, which has stood for over 500 million years, promises an unforgettable experience.

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The 45,000-hectare Canyon Nature Park serves as a pristine haven for Karoo succulent flora and indigenous wildlife. Scenic hiking and cycling trails wind their way along and into the depths of the canyon, where perennial water holes and tranquil rock pools beckon a diverse array of native fauna. Indulge in a rejuvenating massage within the seclusion of your our massage parlour, providing solace to weary muscles after an adventurous day of canyon exploration.

A journey to this remarkable location will restore peace and tranquillity to your soul, and if you dare to take on the Rim to River Hike, a sense of accomplishment. All the while, learning about the thriving life in this arid environment will broaden your perspective and deepen your appreciation for its resilience.

An excursion to Fish River Lodge will ensure you depart with a light heart and a well-rested soul while acquiring a wealth of knowledge about this arid landscape.


The optimal approach to fully immerse yourself in the vastness and splendour of the canyon is by embarking on a hiking adventure during the cooler months of the year. Between April and September, enthusiasts can relish in a range of hiking options led by knowledgeable guides. Each evening, after a long day on your feet, prepared camps await with delectable meals and refreshing beverages to rejuvenate weary hikers.

There is also the opportunity to embark on the Rim to River cycling adventure, available throughout the year. With this option, you can embrace the elements at your own pace, riding along the rim of this natural marvel and overnighting in the fantastic Camps Edge and Eternity.

Fat bikes are also available at the lodge, in order for you to join in on shorter guided cycles. Ideal for navigating this rugged terrain, they are a wonderful way to explore the area.

Alternatively, a leisurely exploration of the canyon can be enjoyed by car. Scenic drives in the morning or evening offer glimpses into the natural cycles of this challenging terrain, while full-day drives provide a deeper understanding of this exceptional area and its inhabitants. Accompanied by experienced guides, you will discover geological wonders as you venture into the depths of the canyon.

Take delight in a prepared lunch and a refreshing dip in one of the permanent rock pools to cool off, creating an indelible experience against a backdrop of serene beauty.

So, if you like to hike, bike, or just be, book a stay on the edge of eternity.


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