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Fish River Lodge

The only lodge directly on the rim of the renowned Fish River Canyon, a must-see attraction in Namibia, Fish River Lodge provides awe-inspiring vistas that span from sunrise to sunset. With its strategic location, guests can marvel at the breath-taking views of the canyon directly from the lodge.

The main lodge provides a blend of unique decor, exceptional service, and a comfortable ambiance in the lounge, bar, and restaurant area. Guests can also enjoy the wrap-around decks and a pool, creating a perfect setting for relaxation. Meals are served three times a day, with the added pleasure of afternoon tea and homemade cake.

The surrounding landscape on the western side of the canyon is vast, empty, and ancient. This makes it an ideal setting for those seeking solitude and thrilling adventures alike. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the canyon through exhilarating activities such as hiking, guided safaris, or mountain biking. Experiencing a trip into this geological marvel, which has stood for over 500 million years, promises an unforgettable experience.

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Grootberg Lodge

Grootberg Lodge is the flagship of the Journeys Namibia portfolio, the first middle-market establishment to be wholly owned by a conservancy and hosted by members of the rural community.
Situated on the edge of the Etendeka Plateau, the views across the Klip River Valley will awe you as you enjoy drinks on the decks or take a dip in the pool.

For the initial development, the project of Grootberg Lodge was financed by the European Union through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism's Development Programme. Simultaneously, the private sector was engaged to offer training and management expertise, with the aim of enabling the local community to achieve self-sufficiency.

Journeys Namibia was offered the management of the lodge and training of its staff, with the involvement in this innovative project being an honour. Our aim at Journeys is to further conservation and the betterment of the local communities in all lodges within our portfolio. We train our staff locally and offer specialised services for international guests in a home-away-from-home atmosphere.
Ongoing projects within the area work hard to mitigate the fallout from the human wildlife conflict by allocating dedicated funds, and actively monitoring wildlife in a collaboration between the Grootberg Lodge guides, Save the Rhino Trust, and the community shepherds. Additionally, the lodge supports various projects initiated by the conservancy, such as sourcing vegetables from local farmers, contributing to an education fund, and implementing garbage collection initiatives to minimise pollution in the area.

Actively involved in numerous conservation efforts, the lodge and conservancy are proud to have black rhino and desert-adapted elephants roam freely in the area. The ≠Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy is also the subject of an international case study of how sustainable conservation efforts can be successful over a longer period.

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Hoada Campsite

Hidden amongst large grey granite boulders and flourishing mopane trees, Hoada Campsite is situated on the #Khoadi//Hoas Conservancy close to Grootberg Lodge and just 75 kilometres from Kamanjab. It is another effort on the part of the community to raise funds for their people and showcase this isolated and unspoiled wilderness, with gratifying results.

A night or two here will ease the stresses of the modern world, as you take a step back in time and savour the basics of life again, with solitude, peace, views, and wilderness at your fingertips. This is the perfect place to rest on a tour of the vast open spaces of north-western Namibia.

In addition to the campsites, there is also the option of permanent tents should you need a little more luxury, and there is wood, braai packs, cutlery, and crockery available for purchase and rent at reception.

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Hobatere Lodge

The ≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy, home of Hobatere Lodge, is situated on the western border of Etosha National Park, a very short distance from the Galton Gate. This jewel of a lodge in its idyllic setting has earned it the nickname of “Little Etosha” due to its location and bounteous wildlife.
Upon entering the gates, you will immediately sense the tranquil ambiance of this quiet corner of the world. The drive to the lodge from this point is a mere 16 kilometres, however, based on the road conditions it can take a little time to navigate. This is the perfect opportunity to take your foot off the accelerator and look for the abundant game that inhabit this area while you drive through the spectacular bushveld and riverine vegetation.
You will be welcomed into the heart of this lodge with warm cloths to wipe away the dust of your travels and a refreshing drink while you book in, and can immediately retire to your room for a well-deserved rest or enjoy any of the amenities on offer.
The name “Hobatere” translates to “find him/me” in the native Nama and is appropriate here, as the lodge peeks out of a forest of indigenous trees near a riverbed, overlooking a wide plain and very active waterhole.
This rustic and cosy lodge will draw you into a setting of tranquillity paired with the magic of the African bushveld and savannah, where you can dine under a thatched roof or the evening stars, and go to sleep to the roar of the lions.
A stay at this enchanting facility will have you put aside the stresses of life as you fall prey to the allure of Hobatere Lodge, the open spaces, incredible wildlife, friendly people, and fascinating history.

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