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Fish River Lodge

Perched on the western rim of the Fish River Canyon, the lodge offers mesmerising views, comfortable accommodation and a range of activities for the adventurer. This is the only lodge situated directly on the canyon and surrounded by 45,000 hectares of untouched landscape – here you will experience extraordinary isolation. With unique décor, delicious home-cooked food and friendly Namibian staff this is a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed.

The lodge's design draws inspiration from the rugged landscape, incorporating dry stone walls that serve as a visual testament to the enduring legacy of the area, reflecting the ancient landforms and geological formations that have shaped its unique character.

Wide windows, wrap around decks, comfortable loungers and open-air showers allow you to immerse yourself in the canyon views throughout the day.  At night a million stars will twinkle through the clerestory windows of your chalet.

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Grootberg Lodge

Welcome to Journeys Namibia’s flagship lodge, the first middle market establishment to be wholly owned by a conservancy. For the initial development the European Union funded the project through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism’s Development Programme. At the same time, the private sector was called in to provide the training and management skills until the local community becomes self-sustainable.

Your hosts at Grootberg Lodge are members of the rural community, trained by Journeys Namibia to deliver excellent service for international guests in a home-away-from-home atmosphere.
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Marvel at the breath-taking view of the Klip River Valley below while lounging on the deck or cooling down in our infinity pool. The rooms are comfortably appointed. Walls are clad with the ancient lava rock of the area. Explore the landscape, rich in geological and botanical wonders, encounter stunning wildlife and get acquainted with the traditions of the #Khoadi//Hoas people.

Grootberg Lodge is COVID compliant

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Hoada Campsite

The word “Hoada” is the Damara-Nama term for “everybody”, reflecting the core values of Journey’s Namibia and the ≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy in their commitment to benefitting the community, the environment, and the adventurous travellers experiencing our beautiful country.

The campsite is owned by the ≠Khoadi-//Hôas conservancy, along with Hobatere and Grootberg Lodge, and is a testament to the efforts in creating sustainable tourism and self-sufficiency for the local communities. Managed by Journey’s Namibia, this group of spectacular accommodations in the wilderness of Damaraland will awe you, whether you are seeking camping or comfort. Through our collaborative endeavours to enhance the well-being of the local community, we prioritise the employment of local staff.

The name ≠Khoadi-//Hôas, means “Elephant’s Corner”, and you can hope to see these desert-adapted elephants as they wander the area. Although we cannot guarantee sightings as the animals roam free in these vast open spaces, do keep watch for them as they are a spectacular sight.

A stay at the Hoada Campsite will ensure you leave with your heart light, your soul restored after evenings stargazing around the fire, and renewed energy to further your travels through this remarkable country.

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Hobatere Lodge

The ≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy, home of Hobatere Lodge, is situated on the western border of Etosha National Park, a very short distance from the Galton Gate. This jewel of a lodge in its idyllic setting has earned it the nickname of “Little Etosha” due to its location and bounteous wildlife.

Upon entering the gates, you will immediately sense the tranquil ambiance of this quiet corner of the world. The drive to the lodge from this point is a mere 16 kilometres, however, based on the road conditions it can take a little time to navigate. This is the perfect opportunity to take your foot off the accelerator and look for the abundant game that inhabit this area while you drive through the spectacular bushveld and riverine vegetation.

You will be welcomed into the heart of this lodge with warm cloths to wipe away the dust of your travels and a refreshing drink while you book in, and can immediately retire to your room for a well-deserved rest or enjoy any of the amenities on offer.

The name “Hobatere” translates to “find him/me” in the native Nama and is appropriate here, as the lodge peeks out of a forest of indigenous trees near a riverbed, overlooking a wide plain and very active waterhole.

This rustic and cosy lodge will draw you into a setting of tranquillity paired with the magic of the African bushveld and savannah, where you can dine under a thatched roof or the evening stars, and go to sleep to the roar of the lions.

A stay at this enchanting facility will have you put aside the stresses of life as you fall prey to the allure of Hobatere Lodge, the open spaces, incredible wildlife, friendly people, and fascinating history.

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