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Grootberg Lodge

Prepare to be warmly greeted in the Damara-Nama tradition as you arrive at this remarkable lodge. Standing sentinel on the rim of the Etendeka Plateau, the vistas spanning the Klip River Valley will leave you breathless, while the captivating history of this area promises to enthral you.

Grootberg Lodge is proud to be 100% owned by the ≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy, an 8,808-hectare expanse of land nestled along the western border of the renowned Etosha National Park. Established in 1998, this Conservancy represents a pioneering initiative for its community and the nation. It operates as a self-governing entity, although it is subject to oversight by the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism, adhering to specific rules and regulations.

Frequently, these conservancies join forces with the private sector that offer support and assistance, and such is the case with the ≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy and Journeys Namibia. Over the past years, a deep and meaningful partnership has blossomed between Journeys and the Conservancy's residents, marked by a commitment to community development through various initiatives and training programs.

The workforce at Grootberg Lodge is predominantly drawn from the local community, not only providing them with supplementary income but also enhancing their skill sets through training opportunities. While Journeys Namibia oversees the lodge's management, it plays a pivotal role in generating revenue for the conservancy and its inhabitants. With a genuine stake in the community's future, the dedicated staff are eager and enthusiastic to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible.

With the spectacular setting, numerous activities, and friendly staff, your time at Grootberg will be unforgettable. So sit back, soak up the atmosphere and view, and savour the moments in this amazing corner of the world.

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Lodge +264 67 333 212

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Location Map

Perched on the rim of the Etendeka Plateau, Grootberg Lodge stands sentinel over the Klip River Valley. 12 000 hectares have been set aside by the #Khoadi//Hoas community for conservation and tourism, and it is through this pristine wilderness that you can explore either on foot or by car to encounter the inhabitants of this remote area. The lodge is a landmark in the Namibian tourism industry as its revenue streams provide direct benefits to the community: not only employment but also assistance in mitigating the human-wildlife conflict via specific funds set aside by the business in conjunction with continuous monitoring of the wildlife thanks to the cooperation of Grootberg guides with SRT and the community shepherds. The lodge also supports other conservancy’s projects, e.g. by purchasing vegetables grown by the local farmers, by financing an education fund and by collecting garbage to minimise pollution in the area.
The lodge is the ideal midway stopover for visitors travelling between Etosha National Park and Swakopmund, allowing them to experience the true wilderness that is Damaraland.

Thanks to active conservation, black rhino and desert-adapted elephant still roam the land freely. The ≠Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy is proud to be an international case study of how sustainable conservation efforts can be successful in the long run. By visiting this breath-taking part of the world and the lodge’s sister companies Hoada Campsite and Hobatere Lodge you are supporting the long-term sustainability of the area, its natural resources, and inhabitants.

Staying with us

Feel at home in any of the fourteen twin or two-family chalets, built from natural materials and powered by the sun. The rock and thatch chalets, each with a small, private deck, blend into the surroundings and is comfortably appointed with a private shower, toilet and washbasin, a desk and small coffee and tea station. Enjoy a sundowner on the expansive deck or a swim in the refreshing infinity pool overlooking the valley below. Delicious meals are served in the main reception area and a crackling fire wards off cold winter nights. Namibians are well-known for their hospitality - a characteristic that becomes the most apparent when staying at Grootberg Lodge.

Please note that flying a drone in this area is strictly prohibited.


Eco-tourism is the main focus at Grootberg Lodge with members of the local community ensuring your stay is filled with golden memories. Become immersed in nature as you encounter some of the larger inhabitants of this unique biosphere. Through active conservation, desert elephant, rhino and even lion still roam freely in this beautiful landscape.


Hikes led by experienced guides and trackers take you on a search for black rhino, one of the planet’s most endangered species. Morning and evening scenic drives across the plateau allow for fantastic photographic opportunities and will allow you to discover the rich plant and animal life that thrive here. While traversing the plateau, you will encounter a wide variety of the inhabitants of this area, including springbok, zebra, kudu and gemsbok. Klipspringer, although rather skittish, are often seen gracefully leaping from ledge to ledge along the steep cliffs. A visit to the #Khoadi//Hoas community is a favourite activity among most guests. Their warm cordiality touches every heart. Learn more about their culture and customs as they invite you into their midst. Grootberg is a paradise for nature lovers, and with so much to do, you might consider extending your stay.

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