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Hobatere Lodge

The structures at Hobatere Lodge showcase traditional thatched roofs, which not only add to their aesthetic appeal but also create a refreshing and welcoming atmosphere infused with the delightful scents of the African savannah. 

The main lodge presents a comfortable and inviting open-plan lounge, bar and restaurant area, where you can relax and unwind. A curio shop has locally made and sourced items to purchase for family and friends at home, or as mementos of your holiday. To enhance the wildlife viewing experience, the main lodge is equipped with expansive verandas and raised viewing decks. These vantage points provide excellent opportunities to observe and appreciate the diverse game that inhabits the area. 

Hobatere Lodge has six cosy chalets and six comfortable adjoining rooms, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable stay. Each accommodation option is equipped with an ensuite bathroom, complete with a shower, toilet, washbasin, and complimentary toiletries. Considered your "second home in the wild," the rooms are thoughtfully furnished with a desk and a convenient coffee and tea station. Additionally, each room boasts a veranda where you can relax and immerse yourself in the natural surroundings.

As an eco-friendly lodge, Hobatere is entirely powered by solar panels, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices. Due to this, the rooms do not have electrical sockets for kettles or fridges.


The ≠Khoadi-//Hôas Conservancy, home of Hobatere Lodge, is situated on the western border of Etosha National Park, a very short distance from the Galton Gate. This jewel of a lodge in its idyllic setting has earned it the nickname of “Little Etosha” due to its location and bounteous wildlife.
Upon entering the gates, you will immediately sense the tranquil ambiance of this quiet corner of the world. The drive to the lodge from this point is a mere 16 kilometres, however, based on the road conditions it can take a little time to navigate. This is the perfect opportunity to take your foot off the accelerator and look for the abundant game that inhabit this area while you drive through the spectacular bushveld and riverine vegetation.
You will be welcomed into the heart of this lodge with warm cloths to wipe away the dust of your travels and a refreshing drink while you book in, and can immediately retire to your room for a well-deserved rest or enjoy any of the amenities on offer.
The name “Hobatere” translates to “find him/me” in the native Nama and is appropriate here, as the lodge peeks out of a forest of indigenous trees near a riverbed, overlooking a wide plain and very active waterhole.
This rustic and cosy lodge will draw you into a setting of tranquillity paired with the magic of the African bushveld and savannah, where you can dine under a thatched roof or the evening stars, and go to sleep to the roar of the lions.
A stay at this enchanting facility will have you put aside the stresses of life as you fall prey to the allure of Hobatere Lodge, the open spaces, incredible wildlife, friendly people, and fascinating history.

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At Hobatere Lodge, you will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the untamed beauty west of Etosha National Park. The entire area is a haven for nature enthusiasts, offering captivating experiences with the abundant wildlife that graces its surroundings. 

As you relax on the veranda, you can savour a refreshing drink while being just moments away from a remarkable sight. Various antelope species, including elands, graceful giraffes, Hartmann's zebras, and occasionally even elephants and majestic lions, come to quench their thirst at the nearby waterhole. These intimate encounters with wildlife create unforgettable moments and allow you to connect deeply with the natural world.

Hobatere Lodge embraces a tourism philosophy that goes beyond mere exploration. It is a place where meaningful experiences are fostered, and the welfare of the environment and its inhabitants is paramount. By choosing to visit this lodge, you are engaging in tourism with heart, contributing to the conservation efforts and sustainable practices that are at the core of the lodge's mission.


Embark on an exhilarating early morning game drive, led by experienced guides, as you venture through the bushveld and savannah landscapes. With the assistance of our knowledgeable guides, you will have the opportunity to spot a diverse array of wildlife, ranging from the fierce pride of lions to a large variety of flitting birdlife.

For a unique and thrilling experience, join one of our captivating night drives. These offer a special chance to encounter elusive nocturnal creatures such as the bat-eared fox, aardwolf, and genet. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds of the evening while indulging in a delectable braai under the shimmering stars at our boma during one of our unforgettable bush dinners.

For those that prefer self-drives, we are a mere stone’s throw from Etosha’s Galton Gate, and you can venture into the park to explore the western expanses of Etosha, and return to the lodge in time for afternoon tea.

Alternatively, discover the wonders of this iconic park with a guided tour, which concludes with a delightful picnic lunch at the renowned Olifantsrus campsite, nestled between Okaukuejo and Dolomite Camp, before returning to the lodge. The area has numerous waterholes, providing excellent opportunities for remarkable game viewing experiences.

Hobatere Lodge benefits from its close proximity to a multitude of key attractions, including the less-explored western part of Etosha National Park, the captivating landscapes of Damaraland, and the vibrant town of Opuwo. Its strategic location makes it an ideal stop-over or a perfect base camp for your thrilling journey, allowing you to explore and discover the treasures of this remarkable region.


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