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Grootberg Elephant tracking

Guests set out early in the morning with a guide and tracker to the neighbouring farms in search of the elephants which roam freely in the conservancy. Sightings cannot be guaranteed. These elephants are known to migrate up to 200 km in search of water, but herds can often be spotted along the dry riverbeds. They are not a separate species of African elephant but due to their frugal diet can appear leaner and taller than their cousins in habitats with more abundant vegetation, and they have bigger feet.

A picnic lunch is served in the cooling shade of a shepherd tree.
You can expect to return to the lodge early in the afternoon, enriched by the unique beauty of Damaraland and possibly the privilege of having spotted one of Namibia’s Big Five.

Departure: Early morning, varies according to sunrise. Please enquire at reception for applicable departure time. | Duration: half-day | Return around 15h00 | Minimum 2 guests per excursion – maximum 9 per vehicle | 50% discount for children under 12 years.

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