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Fri, 5 Feb 2021


Namibia is green, greener, the greenest we have seen it in years. With nature gradually rejuvenating and gaining strength from the rains, we can hardly wait to share the natural wonders around our lodges with you.  
We have been awe struck by nature’s ability to replenish and renew our beautiful country and from the incredible support we have enjoyed from the Namibian market.  From the waterfalls flowing down into the majestic Fish River Canyon at the Fish River Lodge, the return of the Desert Lions and Elephants to the Hoariseb River, a seasonal river passing close by Shipwreck Lodge, to the magnificent first rains in Damaraland at both Grootberg and Hobatere Lodges that have seen the return of the wildlife with their green season newborn. With so much excitement and so much to be grateful for, we would love to share this with you.
At Journeys Namibia we have set ourselves three goals for 2021.

1. That we persevere and continue to ensure that each of our 150 staff, the conservancies we support and the lodges we operate, successfully overcome the challenges and hardships brought about by the pandemic.

2. To share the love we have received from our fellow Namibian guests and supporters over the last four months.  Thank you Namibia, for your support, for visiting our lodges when the rest of the world could not. To say “Thank You”, we have chosen the Month of love, February, to extend a further special to you, our fellow Namibians.

3. To “Pay it forward” - Sharing the love. N$50 of each booking will be donated to a local social project within the area of the lodges. Journeys Namibia wants to assist and share with the people and the causes that are in dire need of assistance at this time. There are a number of projects that urgently require support.
Fish River Lodge will donate to the San Community Food Program.
Grootberg Lodge will donate to Anker Primary School.
Hobatere Lodge will donate to the Wildlife Credit Fund.
Shipwreck Lodge will donate to the Desert Lions Fund.
The severe impact of international travel restrictions over the past 11 months, has had a disastrous effect on the Namibian Tourism Industry. This in turn has had a severe and damaging ripple effect on People and Conservation  
WATCH THIS SPACE - During the next few weeks we will introduce you to our selected social and conservation projects.  

Edward Everett Hale once said: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”
Let’s strive for success and for a better future for everyone in Namibia, one step at a time.
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