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Kunene White water rafting

The river conditions in the spectacular Ondorusu Gorge result in some of the finest white-water rafting in southern Africa. Our experienced team of resident Guides match participants to an appropriate route, enabling novice and expert alike to experience to the maximum, the thrills and exhilaration of white-water action here, during one of our Half-Day Rafting Adventures.

Novices will experience all the thrills and adrenaline pumping excitement they could imagine, while experts with a thirst for adventure will appreciate the quality of the rapids to be discovered in the Ondorusu Gorge.

Having been kitted out with your helmet and life-jacket, you will be taken a short drive to your starting point, where the Guides will ensure you understand all the essential safety principles.

You will start paddling in gentle conditions, getting the feel of your boat in preparation for the rapids ahead. After a brief explanation of what is to come, you will plunge into white water - and emerge triumphant!

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